By Kevin Helsham Jones of Cornwall
Like you have never seen before!


I was born in London in 1961, however from the age of five I lived in Cornwall in South-West England, and count Cornwall as my home. I was always in, on or under the sea!

Fishing, diving, surfing, sailing, canoeing etc. was my whole life.

I met and fell in love with my greek wife Marika here on Kefalonia in the year 2000. She was the double for 'Pelagia' in the movie made here 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin! She was dubbed 'The Real Pelagia.'

We were married in 2003 (traditional courtship only here! IT WASN'T EASY!!)

We now have two lovely boys, Harry and Daniel, and we work hard at our Yacht Photography every year. It has become our passion.

We all love the sea and sailing, and hope you all enjoyed watching me do my 'thing' at sea, and that you enjoy the product of my efforts for your whole life!

Bon Voyage!


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