By Kevin Helsham Jones of Cornwall
Like you have never seen before!


“A Photographic experience like no other! We would pay you your incredibly sensible fee JUST TO WATCH YOU WORK.
Fantastic Kevin, and thank you again for the wonderful experience and life long memories of us sailing!
The video is our opening dinner party entertainment now!” Janice R , United Kingdom
“Working with you in the past has been a pleasure and am looking forward to some new 2012 photographs.” Nick Ryan, Shamrock V , United Kingdom
“Just to say thanks for doing the pictures.
Having just returned, they are already on the computer and one will soon become the screen saver!
And thanks for coming out again and doing your innovative DVD. It was great to be on full sails.” Chris (and Jenny) Carr , United Kingdom
“The pictures look great, so we have ordered them through your website. Great to finally have pictures from ‘outside’ the boat” Rob en Janine , Netherlands
“Great service – we are enjoying the pictures you took. Unbelievable how well taken they all are considering your time to take them and this from a small boat” Christian , Austria
“Gorgeous bright sun and sparkling sea show Zoffany off to her best. Robert , United Kingdom
“Thank you....a job well done and this time we didn't have to 'bluff it' by you circling our yacht to create waves!!!
We are both well pleased and loved the extra's you added....made us green with envy.” Miriam , United Kingdom
“The pictures are incredible! Very very nice! Thank you very much for you good service! If we need you in Italy can we call you??? ;)” Max , Italy
“First class service on quality of pics and delivery,
Maybe see you about in Sept when we next sail.” Ed Kaps , United Kingdom
“We've raced Cowes week many times, and have never had photos of us that are as good as yours taken by the local company's !
See you next year.” Becky , United Kingdom
“We are really looking forward to being photographed again this year weekly with our flottila!
Our clients really enjoy and value your work!
Your pictures are a beautifull memory of our clients sailing holiday!
Hope to see you soon.” Pim and Joyce, SailsUp! , Netherlands
“Just been looking at our sailing pics, fantastic! Thanks again for doing 3 shoots, we’re really pleased with the outcome, not least it proves to our family and friends that we were sailing and not on a cruise!” Dave & Sue , United Kingdom
“Kevin Thanks you are a super star - the CD arrived today and we are made up – you are a professional outfit!” Lisa , United Kingdom
“Just got our CD, pics are fantastic. We think you have the best job in the world EVER” Lee Meakin , United Kingdom
“Thank you Kevin. See you hopefully on next August” Carlo Bauli , Italy
“Today I received the CD with the pics of our turn. The pictures are great, some are breathtaking. Thank you very much for your action as photograph in that rough sea” Klaus , Germany
“Thanks a lot. Your idea of taking pictures of boats from outboard is a nice one: sure we couldn’t get such a result by ourselves.!!! Pictures are really high quality. And thanks for the extras: good souvenirs from Fiskardo and yourself!!” François Colomban , France
“I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent pictures you took of us sailing into the harbour. It has been great to be able to show our friends all of the sailing and we’ve had our favourite shot printed and framed and it’s a great memory. Thanks again for a great service – how else would we have photos of all us under full sail???” Nick Harrison, Sandpiper , United Kingdom
“Just to say thanks for the great photographs you took as we sailed into port. It was the wet and windy day where we were able to get the boat heeling for the first time. They were the first photos we looked at when we returned home as a reminder of the fun we had they are brilliant photos and some will be hanging on my study wall.” Steve , United Kingdom
“Thank you very much for the photos which arrived quickly and are giving us great memories” Don & Alison Palmer , United Kingdom
“Excellent pics” Peter Wackerbauer , Germany
“The pictures are great – there are so many of them! It’s lovely to have something as special as this by which to remember the truely wonderful experience we both had in Greece” Jackie & Jo, Merlot 4 , United Kingdom
“The photos are an excellent memory of a good holiday also reminding us of you your boat handling skills” Graham , United Kingdom
“I have received the photos and they are very beautiful. Thank you very much and maybe till next year. Met vriendelijke groet” Jaap van Kooten , Netherlands
“The pictures you took when we came into Fiskardo are really excellent and capture perfectly the fun we had sailing, thank you for giving us a great reminder of a fabulous holiday” Alan & Liz , United Kingdom
“Nice selection of pics and makes a nice souvenir” Tony O’Mahony , Ireland
“See you next year for the next shoot” Ger Brouwer , Netherlands
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